Welcome to Conversation Cafe

Welcome to Conversation Café!

Conversation Cafés are open, hosted conversations in cafés as well as conferences and classrooms—anywhere people gather to make sense of our world. At a Conversation Cafe there is nothing to join, no homework, no agenda, just a simple process that helps to shift us from small talk to BIG talk, conversations that matter.

Hosts are key to successful Conversation Cafes and we are here to make hosting easy, rewarding, and fun for you.

Just starting out? Get oriented! You can learn the basics by watching the video, or reading the hosting manual.

Ready to host and need some resources? You can download everything you need, find stimulating questions, and learn to frame questions powerfully. We have suggestions to help you promote your Conversation Cafe. Variations and Applications: Discover ways to adapt to shorter times or larger groups, as well as blending with a World Café design. Consider ways to bring Conversation Café to your workplace, organization, event, conference or community.

Curious what hosting is all about? Read on....


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On Conversation

An hour of conversation is worth a volume of letters.

—Thomas Jefferson to John Adams